We assist in elaborating the patent application strategy in connection with a given invention with consideration to the client’s demands. On the basis of separate commission we also perform a novelty search, patentability examination and issue a freedom to operate opinion in connection with a particular invention or technical solution.

On the basis of the above optional preliminary information examinations, we draft the patent specification and other necessary appendices to the application then submit these to the appropriate offices. During the procedure we provide assistance in interpreting and replying to the patent office decisions and make proposals regarding what direction the next steps are to take when the individual decision points are reached. We keep in contact with the patent offices, keep a record of the deadlines and also ensure the required fees are paid.

We represent our clients directly or, in certain cases, through our collaborators, in connection with international and European patent applications.

When a foreign patent needs to be obtained, we get into contact with our reliable partner operating in the given country, who then represents our client before the authorities there.